September 27th 2023, 1400h-1600h CET

WHO Euro Roadmap to Guide Implementation of the

Global Strategic Directions for Nursing and Midwifery in Europe 2021-25

Nurse and Midwife Migration – Mobility or Exploitation

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The COVID 19 Pandemic has worsened the global shortage of nurses and midwives. Many high income countries especially in Western Europe have increased their recruitment of nurses and midwives from low and middle income countries (LMIC) to mitigate their own workforce crisis. Although many nurses and midwives from LMICs consider working outside their country an attractive development opportunity, there are also negative impacts. Migrant nurses and midwives are vulnerable to exploitation, poor working conditions and their professional qualifications may not be recognized in the host country resulting in lower pay and hindering their ability to repay costly work contracts. There are also negative impacts on health care systems of LMIC.   

The WHO Euro Roadmap was developed to guide implementation of the WHO Global Strategic Directions to Strengthen Nursing and Midwifery in the WHO Euro region. A key goal is to increase the availability of nurses and midwives by sustainably creating jobs, effectively recruiting and retaining midwives and nurses, and ethically managing international mobility and migration.

This webinar focuses on Nurse and Midwife Migration—exploring how migration contributes to mobility or exploitation. The webinar is produced by the ICN Global Nursing Leadership Institute Euro Scholars 2022-23, in collaboration with the WHO Regional Office for Europe Nursing and Midwifery team, the European Forum of National Nurses and Midwives Associations (EFNNMA) and the European Federation of Nurses (EFN).  

Webinar series 2023-24 -GSDNM 2021-2025

Date:                September 27, 2023, 1400h-1600h CET (Geneva time)

Platform:          Zoom platform of the CNAI

Partners:          WHO Euro, EFNNMA, EFN in partnership with ICN GNLI  Euro Scholars 2022-23

Organizing committee: Karen Bjøro, Mervi Jokinen, Jose Cobos Serrano, Elizabeth Adams, Natalia Serebrennikova, Walter de Caro, Maggie Langins.

ICN GNLI Euro scholars 2022-23: Dr Mary Boyd, Ireland; Dr Ruth Oshikanlu, UK; Liv Heidi Brattås Remo, Norway; Cecilie Woll Johansen, Norway.

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1400-1405Welcome Mervi Jokinen, President, European Forum of National Nurses and Midwives Associations  
1405-1415Maggie Langins, Policy Advisor Nursing and Midwifery, WHO Euro Regional Office  
1415-1425Introduction by Moderator: Dr. Mary Boyd, ICN GNLI Scholar 2022, Dean, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland  
1425-1435International Nurse and Midwife Migration 2023 – Where do we stand? James Buchan, Phd, Adjunct Professor, WHO Collaboratin Centre for Nursing University of Technology, Sydney, AU; Senior Fellow, The Health Foundation, London.
1435-1445Strengthening the global policy response to migration Howard Catton, RN, CEO, International Council of Nurses  
1445-1500The voice of a migrant nurse – interviewed by Dr. Ruth Oshikanlu, UK  
1500-1510Linguistic racism towards internationally educated nurses in Finland – experiences of a nurse from the Philippines Floro Cubelo, RN, Senior lecturer, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland    
1510-1520Nurse Migration from the perspective of Kenya Dr Edna Tallam-Kimaiyo, RN, PhD, Registrar and CEO, Nursing Council of Kenya  
1520-1530Role of the National Nurses Association and National Midwives Association in mitigating the negative impact of nurse and midwife migration – Dr. Nicola Ranger, Chief Nurse, Royal College of Nursing, UK.  
1530-1550Discussion – Policy Implications