EFNNMAThe European Forum of National Nursing and Midwifery Associations (EFNNMA) is the voice of nursing and midwifery within WHO European Region.Working in partnership and strategically with WHO and other key stakeholders we aim to influence health policy, improve the quality of health services and the health of people across the 53 Member States of the Region. We are passionate advocates of the central and unique contribution that Nurses and Midwives make to individual and population health and well-being across Europe and are committed to ensuring both professions are supported to deliver excellence in their practice. As the nature of care changes we believe that strengthening and developing the nursing and midwifery workforce through the provision of lifelong learning and research delivers excellence in public health and people-centered healthcare.

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Nurses and midwives: a vital resource for health - Technical briefing, WHO 64th Regional Committee Meeting, 17 September 2014


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Election procedures

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Election procedure for EFNNMA honorary officers

and steering committee members


a)        The election procedure should have a three month lead in period. The procedure is as follows: a call for steering committee members is made through member associations. Within 6 weeks an association willing to participate in the elections forwards a document with the name of its nominee, signed by the associations’ president, and a short biography of maximum 200 words.

b)        Voting will take place during the physical meeting of the Forum.

c)        No postal votes will be accepted neither any kind of delegation. The only way of voting is by presence of the association representative, who will be identified with a voting card, given by EFNNMA’s secretariat.

d)        Only member associations who have paid their fees have the right to nominate their representatives to the SC and to vote during the elections.

e)        Associations can submit one vote per Steering Committee member seat during the election.

f)         Each association has the right to submit nomination per one seat on the SC.

g)        All steering committee members are elected by the Forum.

h)        The ballot form must contain the list of names of persons standing for each position.

i)          The vote is secret.

j)          There is an 8 year ceiling on consequent terms of office for Steering Committee members. Reelection is taking place every 4 years.

k)        A minimum of two polling officers will be appointed from outside of the forum constituency. In addition, a returning officer will be appointed who will announce the results of the election process.

l)        The person standing for each position who receives the largest number of votes will be elected.

m)      In the event of only members of a profession, be it nurse or midwife, are elected or present at the steering committee at a given moment, another of the absent profession should be coopted to fill the quota of at least two members of a profession on the steering committee, in which case the number of members would increase with one. The cooption process shall be led by the chairperson.

n)      The cooption process should be used in the event of an elected Steering Committee member be no longer able to continue his functions.